Thanks Daniel for changing his life, and thanks Ed for changing mine.

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Thank you both for your bravery and integrity. It's wonderful that modern technology lets you have the opportunity to continue to share so much more of your ideas and thinking with the public. One of the comments that struck me most was Ed saying at a younger age he knew there was political corruption but he didn't believe the whole of government would be lying to the public. Therein lies so much of our problems. I's why we have two parties to pretend each side has an adversary, when in fact it's the corrupt establishment machine against the people. Frank Church and Otis Pike we need the likes of you in Congress again!

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Excellent discussion that reiterates what you two have said for some time. See my review of Ed's Permanent Record (YRE): https://www.raintaxi.com/permanent-record-young-readers-edition/

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The genie analogy -- where one says they will use the potential wish "key" only if necessary and we can be sure something necessary will be found -- also works for the entire creation of a military to begin with. We create wars because we created a military. The antiwar activists were correct during Vietnam era and their truths apply today. Pacifists and whistleblowers are the heroes.

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How wonderful that you are both in our world.

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Highest thanks, true heroes Ed & Daniel, for acting on govt reshaping boundaries of our rights without voter input, crossing the abyss. Thus voters face a grave need: Regaining control of basic policy. How about a cabinet-level #VoterFactsCommission? The Pentagon Papers case & Constitution rest on truth & voter input.

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Listened to this last night and re-listened to the last section.

I love the Socratic dialogue format. So helpful to make sense of what you are putting out there and excellent modelling of mutual respect in discussing points (use of the word “challenge” in a neutral tone for example by Ed).

My serious question is this - do you think that there is any possibility of exculpation on the part of the various American presidents you mention - in terms of “Noble Cause Corruption”? That is to say - for example- in the most egregious case - Nixon revealing a plan for 8 more years in Vietnam - an unwinnable and unjust war - on the “rational grounds” that war is good for the economy and altho lots would die - lots would have prosperity following the war? (Obviously I don’t think Noble Cause Corruption can be a good excuse for very much at all, if anything - but what I mean is - is there possible grounds for a President to reason this way, in your view?) 🙏🏻

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Hi Ed. The audio playback has speeds of 1.25x, 1.5x etc.

I find that fine grained control around about 1.4x often works best for me.

These choices don't give me that.

If you audio playback widget can do it, I suggest experimenting with setup that gives such control.

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Thank you sooo very much -- to both of you !!

I lived in both worlds and have concluded that socialism is far more humane -- and that China is far more capitalist than the US, Russia has not been capitalist for 30+ years, while the US is a corporate socialism (more polite term for fascism)

More important is an astonishing interview on Haiti -- most of this very recent history is little known and -- it is truly horrifying. An extraordinary interview !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3iT3y7MktI

Recent US crimes against Haiti people -- by Hillary , Condoleezza Rice/Bush, Obama -- coups, military, exploitations of one of the poorest country, UN that brought in cholera (30,000+ dead, million sick) but negated the horror for six (read slowly - six) years.

A detailed, most horrible recent history of US colonialism -- kudos to Aaron Mate (always remember how vulgarly he was attacked by TYT's despicables - Ana & Cenk)


Once again -- thank you so very much.

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This was a great listen!

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Thanks again to Dan and Ed for sticking your necks out when you didn’t have to. You guys are super patriots! You are my best friends.

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Thank you Ed and Daniel for enlightening me.

I enjoyed your thought provoking conversation .

With gratitude 🙏🏼


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I want to thank you, Mr Snowden for that you did at price of your life. In moral philosophy your action is called "super-egoic act", that is when an individual exceeds his or her needs for the good of the community, knowing well the consequeces of his or her action. If I look at the history, at the human' past, I can find just an another example similar to his, the one after which we started counting the time. I'm glad Mr Snowden have the opportunity to continue to share your thinking with the pubblic so I can always learn, not only something new but just very important something .

I'm a italian woman, so I apologize for the mistakes in English, I do psychologist and for the 5th years I'll avoid practicing my clinical profession in my office because I can't protect the privacy of my patients, just can't protect mine own. I'm a victme of a powerful, rich and famous man that spy me since 2016 pretending to love me. I met this man only one in my life and in a pubblic event. I've to know your story Mr Snowed and too much late, because when I understood what was happening I met many men (seems the world of cibersecurity is mostly male) whom took a lot of money from me without solving the problem. I bought a pc every three months, smartphone, camera, it was useless. He always came in. He come in my house, my car, in the smartphone of my mother or the friends of mine. Some months ago, in a B&B's room I can see my body enterly and I remained shocked, because I take a shower, I dress and undress with light off. Then I decide to start a personal psychoterapy but he came in even there, and I stopped the treattment. I don't know if I believe yet in human justice but I believe in God, I love the life and I wish feel me safe. As you correctly point out protect our privacy is protect our freedom. I don't search justice or vengeance, I just would like my life. I want be free, I don't want that my life, my art project, my work project, my moods, my intimacy are the themes of books, posts, newspaper articles and comics by this unfair man. I apologize if I used this space to tell my story, but I didn't know how contact you, I don't give up but seems to me that litlle by little, I'm forgetting what the joy of life is. I know that in this moment the man's reading, despite this, I would like to ask you, Mr Snowden, would like to be kind enough to advise me someone in Rome or in the Latium who can help me? Or would you like teach me how protect my privacy ? Thank you, my name is Ale.

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I love the audio segments. My ears work better than my eyes! Thanks for all you do! Be safe!

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It should be emphasized that the current open discussion of Nuclear war with China and Russia is NOT a sign of strength. This is a sign that all their attempts and strategic assumptions about how they could reign in China and have regime change in Russia have completely failed. They are not going to succeed in keeping all nations locked under a uni-polar world. They fight is between those who want a unipolar world and those who wish to maintain Anglo-American dominance. Only a multipolar word can survive nuclear weapons.

Much of the discourse in the US on the talking head shows on both the right and left would be seriously sobered up if they knew how the bloated US military has no ability to prevent the new generation of Russian weapons and their overall military readiness. This was recently the case when the US suddenly pulled back from the Black Sea. The US backed off because they and NATO were not ready for what they were going to provoke. This is all to see the emperor has no clothes.

All the sheer nonsense and constant propaganda against the Eurasian countries is a desperate attempt to stay relevant as the West finds itself sitting atop the greatest financial bubble in history, bleeding it’s Economy in order to continues propping up the quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble which all the major zombie banks are built on.

Wall Street on Paraded recently reported on the 6 trillion in emergency liquidity to the Wall Street banks—memory they needed to stay afloat.

“Feeder all Reserve Admits it Pumped More than 6 Trillion in Wall Street Over the Last Six Weeks”


The threats of nuclear war, whether real or bluff, are a sign of desperation on the part of the Western financial establishment.


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